Monday, October 15, 2012

Last Sunday I was invited by Bella Weekend NTV7 to share my views on 'Kids and Handphones'. What are the psychological impact with and without handphones? It is still debatable.

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I find that there are very good reasons for taking either position, so each family will have to weigh up pros and cons and arrive at their own decision.

The Pros:

a. parents can contact their kids, to ensure their safety and knows their whereabouts
b. your kids can stay connected in their social network, in which this is indeed the way that our tech-savvy young generation communicates
b. it is a form of social status and way towards independence
c. it provides fun and entertainment

The Cons:

a. it is costly for some parents
b. it causes distraction and obsession
c. it decreases face-to-face interaction  
d. it is found to have medical harmful side-effects
e. and many more, never ending problems kids with handphones!

It is obvious that many parents oppose than agree to give a handphone to their young kids.

In Malaysia, some schools allow children are allowed to bring handphones but they cannot use them during school hours. In some countries, handphones are totally banned in schools. In Europe, however, handphones are used widely as it is an important mean of communication between teachers and students.

Children in big cities like Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Klang Valley have more exposure and choices compare to children from remote 'kampung' areas. But does it mean city boys and girls will give more problems?

Of course eventually your child will own a phone, it is just a question of at what age.  Teach responsibility. Maturity will determine at what age your kid should own a handphone. Do not forget good parent work as well. Technology can never replace good parenting.