Thursday, April 16, 2015

Neuro-Dramatic Play (NDP)

Our clinical psychologists from Ding Child Psychology Centre, Ms Selina Ding & Tina Tey have completed a Diploma in Neurodrama Therapy from Institute of Dramatherapy .
What is Neurodrama Therapy? Neurodrama also known as Neuro-Dramatic Play (NDP) is relationship-centred, based on the contemporary research and practice which include Attachment Theory, Neuroscience, Dramatisation, Integration of ‘body-mind-soul’ in creative healing, and so forth.

It can be applied at any age for individuals or groups who have trauma or poor attachment with caregivers. NDP emphasizes on the importance of attachment, sensory experiences, rhythm play, role-play and dramatization which can promote creativity, problem-solving, empathy skills, healthy self-esteem, etc.

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